Do you spend too much on groceries?

Today was grocery shopping day for the week (yes, I said the week). We plan and shop on a weekly basis to help save money on groceries. There are numerous reasons I think this can be beneficial financially some of them that immediately comes to mind are:

  1. We have a plan for the week. We are not governed by a whim during the week
  2. We are less likely to go out because we have a plan and we know what we are going to eat every day.
  3. We can take advantage of buying ingredients for more than one meal (5 pounds of chicken, 3 pounds ground beef and vegetables can be purchased and not wasted.
  4. We can buy extra when things are on sale and plan meals to use them on.

There are many more things that can be said and many more strategies that I will get into eventually but here are some details from our first 2 months of 2017.

  • Total spent including eating out was $1230
  • Total number of days 55
  • Cost per day 22.36
  • Cost per meal/person- $1.06

We ate out 4 times in those 2 months with all 5 kids and we eat a TON. A few numbers from last week: 15+ pounds of fruit, 7 pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of chicken and more. My 2 year old eats more than some adults and we still spent just over a $1 a meal for 2 months.

How much would that be for a family of 4? $90/week including all eating out.

Save just $10 a week and you could end up with $7,520 in a savings account in 10 years or nearly $21,000 in 20 if you invested it.

Are the 2 boxes of Keurig coffee worth that much? Make up your own mind.


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