Aldi vs. Everywhere else

So we talked about whether we  spend too much on groceries and Pantry Staples so far.  Today I want to talk about where we shop and why I don’t worry about coupons.

We are huge fans of Aldi. It is a rare occasion that we find something anywhere else that is cheaper and of the same quality.  For those who have never been in an Aldi let me give you a quick overview.  Imagine a store the size of Walgreen’s or CVS.  Most of the products they sell are dye and MSG free (we have dye and MSG sensitivity here) so this is a huge selling point for us. Their organic brand Simply Nature is excellent and continues to expand.

We do still shop at Kroger for a few things and our Aldi is always busy so they are known to run out of their top sale items. They have a few produce picks of the week which feature super inexpensive fruit or vegetables each week.  These are nearly a weekly purchase. Aldi is always our first stop for nearly all our shopping on a weekly basis.

Other places we shop for great deals and quality items.

Jet– They’re a bulk store like Costco or Sam’s club without membership fees and you can shop from a smart phone (no more long checkout lines at Sam’s Club on a Saturday afternoon). They offer free shipping on orders over $35 and even offer Kirkland (Costco brand) items.  You also get a discount on every item the more you buy.

Frontier– Another one that specializes in bulk purchases but they are great for spices, teas, and a huge selection of healthy choices. Many items are organic which make them an even healthier choice.

Food can be both a place of huge waste or an area where you are really saving a ton of money. We have fallen into both categories at various times. Do not underestimate the value of good food especially at a good cost.



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